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Mokup is an animation and interface prototyping tool that will bring life to your designs.

From interactions to full-sized application prototypes with no line of code.
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It all starts as an idea

Mokup’s interface is instantly familiar and easy to work with.
So there’s more room for creation, rather than learning the software itself.
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Create without Boundaries


Adjust all the timings & properties with powerful transition editor.

Interactions & Bindings

Scrolling, Paging, Parallax, Carousel or any other complex effect can be easily created with bindings.


Keep even the most complex prototypes well organized with reusable symbols.

Mokup's Features

With advanced transitions editor, you can design complex and immersive animations with ease. Adjust timing, easing curves, to make your prototypes responsive and eye-catchy.
Convert your objects into a symbol and reuse it multiple times. Edit a symbol and all instances will change simultaneously. Keep even the most complex prototypes well organized.
Mokup is designed to be cross-platform, so you can share your work without any boundaries. Create on Windows & Mac – preview on Android & iOS.
Create pixel-perfect prototypes with precise snapping and measurement tools.
Import Photoshop files with layer support. Import SVG files directly.
Enrich your prototype’s interactivity with Bindings. Create complex interactions such as Parallax or Image Carousel with a sophisticated Bindings Editor.
Mokup and Figma are best friends! 
Just paste the link to your project and 
watch the magic happen!

Take your prototypes with you. Open .mokup files on your android/iOS devices and deliver user experience like never before.
Import and sync your Sketch designs directly from Mokup. No more wasting time with importing and arranging objects.

Create Dribbble-Ready GIFs

Render your prototypes to MP4 or GIF.
Choose from the variety of export templates or create your own.
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