Tutorial 1

The Basics

This tutorial will guide you throw the process of creating interactive prototypes in Mokup.

We will start off by creating a simple mobile prototype to get along with the UI and Mokup’s basic functions.
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Tutorial 2

Custom Transitions

Don’t waste your time on boring predefined transitions.

In this video, You will learn how to create custom transitions between artboards in Mokup.

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Tutorial 3


Everyone does it, so why won’t You?

In this video, I’m going to show you how to enrich your prototypes by adding bindings to them.
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Tutorial 4


It’s time to use Mokup like a Pro!

Learn how to implement Symbols in Your prototypes, and bring even more awesome interactivity to your prototypes.
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Tutorial 5

Advanced Bindings

Learn how to trigger artboard changes using Bindings.
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